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The street price of kok in Germany in 2021 was €74.80 per gram, or Consumer unit. It was the most expensive drug you could buy on the street. cocaine price

The use of cocaine has now become a socially relevant problem in Germany, and the number of related offences is increasing noticeably. It is therefore important to know the laws on dealing with narcotics such as cocaine in detail.

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If you're new to the Berlin party scene, you might be surprised at how brazenly Berliners snort their mysterious white powder in the city's nightclubs. What could it possibly be? Well, an EU-wide study of sewage in several European cities has revealed that Berliners are the drug of choice . cocaine price

cocaine price

1kg cocaine price, cocaine powder is the most expensive form of the drug and is usually snorted or injected into a vein. It is often consumed by people who want to experience a euphoric high that lasts for several hours.

 Buying crack cocaine in Europe is cheaper than cocaine powder, but also stronger. It is made by mixing coca powder with baking soda and water and then allowing it to harden before smoking it in a pipe or bong. Crack is highly addictive as the effects kick in quickly and wear off quickly, leaving users wanting more. 1 gram cocaine price

The price of a kilo of kok (1,000 grams) rises when it is processed, adulterated with extenders and cut into grams. According to Tom Wainwright, author of "Narconomics: How to Run a Drug Cartel", when it arrives in the US, Kok is "worth about $20,000 per kilo". (8) He goes on to explain, "By the time it gets to the dealers, it's worth maybe $70,000 to $80,000. When it finally goes on sale, it's "worth more than $150,000 a kilo".

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